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Happy Earth Day!

With so many events happening not only today but over the next few days, there are many ways to make an imprint upon Earth Day 2009. I’d encourage you to do at least one thing to improve the environment.  Whether it’s conserving energy, exercising your green thumb, or reducing, reusing or recycling, every little bit helps! For more information visit…

Spring Twist!
Nadine & Sean Batik

You only have to step outside and feel the sun on your skin to know that spring is here. This is one of my favourite times of year.  May is just around the corner and I’m looking ahead to a few special events: 2 birthdays (one of them being mine), 2 movies, 1 long holiday weekend, and Mother’s Day. As…

Gratitude Road
thank you

“Gratitude takes three forms: A feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and a giving in return.” ~Anonymous Sean and I were thrilled to spend Wednesday evening with John, the CEO of a prestigious Canadian exploration company. He was mentioned in last week’s Piece, SpeakEasy which you can read here. This was the first time we had ever invited…