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Books: Ice Cream Kiss
Ice Cream Kiss - Nia's Piece

In her book, Ice Cream Kiss, Delaware based writer Janelle Wright-Middleton gives us a moving story of the complexity of mother/daughter relationships.  Wright-Middleton reflects on her mother’s tumultuous search for love fueled by her fear of loneliness.  Through the eyes of the young author, we bare witness to her mother’s life altering choices and their tragic consequences. Wright-Middleton doesn’t hold…

The Bridal Path
the bridal path - pic2

This just in: Newly engaged woman thinks she can keep walking on clouds and not come down a notch to plan her wedding. Well folks, that woman would be me.  Now that our engagement has been announced and we’ve spent quality time with our family and friends, it’s time to get down to business and plan our wedding.  Thankfully, we…