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Ninja Boo
Our Heartbeat

I no longer measure time by minutes, hours or days. Only weeks. What’s baby doing this week? What will be new for our little one next week? What changes can I expect to experience? How close am I to week 37? Week 40? Will baby arrive sooner? I’m obsessed. …

The Joy of Being Tested
CTV Interview - Sickle Cell

For me, birthdays are all about progression, with the key question being, “Am I in a better place this year than I was last year?” Admittedly, if I had to rate my 20s, it would garner mixed reviews. And as I whip through my 30s, I can honestly say that these are the best years. I was reminded of this recently as I celebrated my 37th birthday. For many reasons, this year will be unforgettable.…

3rd Conversations & Cocktails Recap

The 3rd Conversations & Cocktails happened May 9th. Once again we mixed honest dialogue about relationships with a laid back vibe, 80s games, incredible music & fantastic giveaways. …

2nd Conversations & Cocktails Recap

You know we had to do it again right? Our 2nd Conversations & Cocktails happened November 8th and was an amazing evening! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Peep the recap.…