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Gang Gang Rules!

The baby boy formerly known as Ninja Boo has earned a few other nick names since coming into our lives last November. Among them, “Dwelly Belly” for his large abdomen perfectly sized for zerberts & kisses and our favourite “Gang Gang” for the sound he makes when he cries. Believe me when I say that to us, it is the sweetest sound on earth.

At five months old, my Gang Gang is a happy, sing-song cooing, rollover for tummy time, ball of sunshine. Just don’t mess with his food. If you try to get in the way of his next meal he WILL turn it up Samuel L. Jackson/Pulp Fiction/Snakes on a Plane styles. Right now Gang Gang is sitting in his Exer Saucer, toy in hand, staring at me as I type. It’s almost as if he knows that I’m talking about him. We lock eyes and he gives me THAT smile and quickly goes back to playing. He’s cool. So I’m going to go ahead and take advantage of the time I’ve been granted to fill you on what’s been happening these past few months. Let’s go!

WHAT’S IN A NAME: We went back and forth with a few names before we decided on Gang Gang’s. We wanted it to be African and unique. In the end we chose Andwele, pronounced “An-dwe-le” or Dwele for short. It means God brought me or God brings me. The fact that he also shares his name with one of our favourite neo soul singers reaffirmed that we made the right choice. Our good friend Andrea Henry created a beautiful piece of art with an accompanying poem to honour him. Here’s an excerpt: “…Floating happily on dreams to be/Into their arms/I am home/ God brought me.” You can read the poem in its entirety and see the complete piece below.

HEALTH MATTERS: When you’re a petite woman who delivers a 9.1lbs baby in 4.5 hours, don’t expect your lady bits to go unscathed. As far as labours go, mine went well. It was short and my contractions were manageable (thank God for epidurals! I’d have one right now if I could). It was my postpartum recovery that was a pain.

After four weeks, I couldn’t sit down comfortably and had no idea why. I mean, it wasn’t like I didn’t have experience delivering big babies (my first son was 8.5lbs). My doctor explained that I had granulation tissue (an over growth of scar tissue) which needed to be cauterized with a silver nitrate stick. But not without first numbing the area with a local anesthetic. HAVE MERCY! After two separate treatments I’m now fine. Normally I wouldn’t share this much info, however if I can give you ladies a heads up on an issue you may encounter during your recovery, an issue that sadly is rarely discussed, then I don’t mind.

OLD HABITS DIE HARD: Being a mom again after 19 years is incredible! I’m having fun and looking at motherhood through a different lens. I’m older, wiser and married. Where my first son forced me to mature and honed my survival skills, with Gang Gang I can relax. He marvels at every discovery. And I marvel right along with him. Seeing the world through his eyes is my joy. I feel so blessed that I’ve got a year to do it.

I’m still getting acclimatized to all these damn baby products though. For example, I had no idea what an Exer Saucer was until my husband explained the concept. Basically it’s a bouncer with activities circled around a baby seat. Fab! It’s a big hit with Gang Gang. And I’m happy to report that my sweet tooth for baby food hasn’t diminished. Recently while buying formula I came across my weakness: Gerber banana food. I bought 2 jars and wolfed them down in less than 5 minutes. Can’t say I won’t do that again. I have no shame.

OUT OF THE CAVE: After Gwen Stefani performed at Coachella with Pharrell Williams, she tweeted “Feels good to be out of the cave.” That’s how I feel right now. While it’s true I hunkered down for precious bonding time, this was a hard winter and even harder with an infant. I don’t recall ever seeing a winter this clingy. Sort of like your bat sh*t crazy ex who refuses to get the hint that it’s OVER. Spring needs to quit teasing us. I’m so ready to shake off these winter blues. Who’s with me?

For those of you who checked in on me while in my cave, THANK YOU! Special thanks to those who took it a step further with regular phone calls, impromptu visits and bubbly girl nights. I appreciate it more than you know. You made my hibernation bearable. Below are a few pics that made me smile along with a video featuring the hubby. And I would be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to our neighbours who quickly became friends, who we now consider family. Hey “Chrola Crew!” You guys are a godsend and such a blessing in our lives. Thanks so much for your support. LOVE LOVE!

Well, time to wrap things up. My Gang Gang is turning up the noise. He’s hungry and if I know what’s good for me, I better feed him. Very grateful Gang Gang gave me as much time as he did. When I pick him up and try to calm him down, he stops abruptly. There he goes again with THAT smile. I melt! Gets me every time.

Baby Shower Love

Baby Shower Love

Baby Shower Love

Baby Shower Love

Gang Gang

Ray of Love

Andwele by Andrea Henry


Gang Gang Rules!

  1. Neil Shelton

    OK; Gang Gang very cuteee!!!
    Nadine; welcome back from your cave, looking as beautiful as ever…
    Sean-bro, where can I get myself, Oops!!! I mean my son that car racing track.
    great piece Nadine. Can’t wait to see your work in Holr magazine.

  2. nadine

    Thanks Neil! Neither can I! Happy to be on board at Holr Magazine! LOL…you can pick it up for your son at any Apple store. If I’m wrong, I’m sure Sean will chime in and correct me.

  3. christi

    Love it Nay!!! We love you too!:’) Can’t wait to see you write more!:D

    • nadine

      Thanks Christi! I meant every word. You guys have been so good to us. I love that you’re now seeing this creative side of me as well. xoxo

  4. Mira

    Great peice Nay! So happy I get to be a part of this new bundle of joy!!! He is sooo sweet! :)
    Btw…gerber mango puree is tha bomb…I know I have no kids…dont ask how I know that! Haha

    • nadine

      Aww thanks Mir! And thanks to you & Andrea for the beautiful baby shower! Dwele loves his aunties. Haha, after all these years I would’ve never pegged you as baby food eater. Will have to try the mango purée. Sounds yummy!

  5. Seb


    Congratulations for your newborn baby. He’s very cute, and I love the name. Makes me think of the rnb singer Dwele.

    Your family looks beautiful. May your family be full of peace and happiness.
    Take care

    • nadine

      Thanks so much Seb! We’re huge fans of the singer Dwele. Trust all is well with you & your family too.