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Ninja Boo

I no longer measure time by minutes, hours or days. Only weeks. What’s baby doing this week? What will be new for our little one next week? What changes can I expect to experience? How close am I to week 37? Week 40? Will baby arrive sooner? I’m obsessed. I read somewhere that making a person is hard work. So true. I forgot what a woman’s body goes through to bring a baby into the world. Overall, I’m feeling okay, however this pregnancy is definitely different from my last one 18 years ago.

According to my trusty calendar, I’m in my 3rd trimester. FINALLY!!! During my first pregnancy, my most bothersome symptom was nausea and heartburn. This time around I’m trying my best to cope with an onslaught of symptoms. Some of my favourites (and I say that with sincere sarcasm) include: shortness of breath, sudden (when I say sudden, I mean sudden) dizziness/fainting spells, heartburn/nausea, feeling off balance and occasional swelling of my hands and feet. My motto these days is “slow motion”. I’ve had no choice but take things easy. For a woman like me who is constantly on the move, this took some getting used to. There are moments where I feel fine and then suddenly our baby reminds me that they are in charge. A point our little Ninja Boo continues to make clear, as our little one is constantly moving, kicking, punching, jumping, jabbing. Ninja Boo likes to move high & low (when I say low, I mean low), literally taking my breath away in some instances, bringing me to tears. I’ve tried moving baby around, done various yoga poses (the cat-cow pose in particular), but Ninja Boo won’t budge. Even tried dancing (who says pregnant can’t whine? watch the video below). No luck. Stubborn little bugger! My doctor says this is normal, particularly because I’m petite. She’s my size and experienced this with her children. Baby’s low movements got so bad I spent Caribana long weekend in bed trying to calm our Ninja Boo down. Needless to say, I don’t sleep much. However, I’m grateful. I’d rather have a baby that moves too much than too little.

As for how the daddy’s doing, he’s been wonderful and can barely contain his excitement. Luckily for him, I rarely send him out to satisfy my cravings. And I’ve done a good job in keeping my hormones in check…sort of. I liken pregnancy hormones to PMS x infinity. Sort like an out of body experience. Word is that one of my “crazy moments” was recorded unbeknownst to me by the mister. Those who really know Sean & me will understand that while it might be hilarious as hell, the footage is too raw to share on this blog and should be reserved for private viewing only. “We’ll look back on this and laugh.” He says. Umm, okay. Anyway, while we’ve been planning and preparing for our little one, he’s had some ideas. Some good, some not so good.

 THE BEST: Teddy Ruxpin. He thought purchasing it would be a great addition to my idea of incorporating a touch of the 80s to the baby’s nursery. Not bad, eh?

Why this is awesome: Although I wasn’t completely on board at first (I’m just not a fan of the bear…not sure why), I’ll admit that the day package arrived, I was pretty excited. I mean how many babies born in 2013 have a teddy bear that talks & can play music. Not only does Teddy play his storytelling tapes, but he can also play anything else. So we you know we had to have him play some old school hip hop. Why? Because we can!

THE WORST: The “Special Delivery” soca song. Peep the video below.

Why this stinks: I hated this idea the moment he suggested it. No woman in labour wants to hear this. It’s not conducive to the calm and relaxing environment a woman needs during labour. Being a first time dad, he doesn’t understand what I’m talking about. Poor thing. He pleaded his case, recorded a video & posted on Facebook. Most of the ladies backed me up. Some people think this song could be a Carnival hit next year. Good for them. But if I hear it in the delivery room, there will be problem. But marriage is all about compromise so I told him he could play it in the car on the way to the hospital. That said, I reserve the right to tell him to turn it off at anytime.

So that’s it for the baby update. Time to get back to what I should really be doing: giving our baby registry a second look. I admit that trying to finalize it was slightly overwhelming. I didn’t have a baby registry 18 years ago and could count on my hand the number of people at my baby shower. My brain hurts anytime I try to process all of the products available. It’s insane! I mean, is a wet wipe warmer really necessary? Do we really need a Baby Bullet? A cold wet wipe isn’t going to hurt. And why not just boil a yam, mash it up and give it to baby? And don’t get me started on all these toys. Most kids are quite content with a really big box. Don’t believe me? Give a child a box and see what happens. Witness their imagination soar. It’s pure magic. /N


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Ninja Boo

  1. After viewing this I cannot help wonder what Sean is up to he is more excited than you are and after this baby is born you can safely say Sean you can take full control and Nadine after this little bump and grind baby dance you must have gone straight to bed. Good luck with your delivery hope all goes well and Sean don’t play that tape in the delivery room might cause you to have a soca baby.

  2. Natalie

    Love you blog. I bought my son a fraggle rock puppet when I was expecting last year. Everyone thought I was weird, but he loves it.