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Black Bridal Bliss

Some brides-to-be have their wedding dress selected well before the proposal. Others, like me, don’t know where to start. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Raise your hand if you’ve asked yourself: What style should I choose? What can I expect at the bridal salon? How will I know it’s the one? Relax. Finding your wedding dress can be a stress-free experience. In fact, you may just find your dream dress at your first appointment. I did. Here’s how…

Leap of Faith

“Were you ever intimate with her?” she asked. Her man replied, “No, baby we were never intimate. She had seen the evidence and knew he was lying but decided to give him one more chance to come clean, “You swear it on my life?” He looked into her eyes and said, “Baby, I swear it on your life. Nothing happened…

Caught on the Come Up

For her, every night was a party.  As a pretty girl who craved the spotlight, designer clothes and a high-end condo helped her stay camera ready.  When I first met her I didn’t think we’d click, but we did.  Maybe it was because we worked together.  Or maybe it was because we were both single mothers. Looking back, it was probably…

Natasha Waterman

Natasha Waterman is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets.  As a double threat, the singer/songwriter is no stranger to Canada’s R&B scene and has been making her mark for years.  Since her debut in Shaun Boothe’s single “One by One,” Waterman’s star continues to rise.  Best known for her sultry, powerhouse voice and heartfelt lyrics, Waterman is set to release the highly anticipated…

Finding Common Ground in Dating & Relationships

Alright ladies, here we go. To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start. This is not only a sensitive topic, but a topic that hits close to home for a lot of Black women, including myself. I’m referring to the recent influx of media reports on the plight of the single Black woman (SBW). From Nightline to The…

Future Aces Foundation

Looking for a life-changing experience for your students? Consider the Future Aces Student Leadership Conference. Held over a 3-day weekend, 8 students (grades 7-10) from 24 schools across the Greater Toronto Area gather in a relaxed resort setting. Selected by their teachers, students come from all walks of life: half at-risk and half with innate leadership skills.  Inspired by the…