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Leap of Faith

“Were you ever intimate with her?” she asked. Her man replied, “No, baby we were never intimate. She had seen the evidence and knew he was lying but decided to give him one more chance to come clean, “You swear it on my life?” He looked into her eyes and said, “Baby, I swear it on your life. Nothing happened between us.” She’d heard rumours of her man and this girl being more than just friends but didn’t want to believe it. She remembered all of the times she welcomed the girl into her home and suddenly felt foolish. The weird vibe she sensed from the girl whenever she was around her now made sense: the girl was jealous.

Why didn’t he tell her the truth? She could have handled it. Anything that happened before they were together didn’t matter. After all, she had a past too. And if he lied to her about this, then what else had he lied about? Why hadn’t he given her a heads up that they were together, especially since her man and this girl had worked together on a regular basis? What if the roles were reversed? She knew her man would have had a huge problem if she lied to him the way he had.

She calmly told him that she had seen the evidence and asked him to be honest. He finally told her the truth and apologized for lying. He explained it was only a fling and it could never compare to their love. He admitted he was afraid and that he never meant to hurt her. She told him that she forgave him however her trust in him had been shaken. He apologized again and promised to always be honest and upfront. They knew they could never go back but were determined to move forward.

By Nadine Mauricette